Hybrionic Pte Ltd

(Founded 1991)



  • Thick Film Hybrid
  • Chip On Board
  • Flip Chip
  • SMT
  • Wire Bonding
  • BGA
  • Laser Trim, Scribe, Drill
  • Wafer/Ceramic dicing
  • Copper Hybrid
  • Thick-film Heater

Circuit Complexity

 Multi-layer Fine Line Design

Through Hole- (Castellation)Metallization

Filled/Plugged Hole-


Direct Flip Chip Bond

 Wire Bond

Thick Copper Design

Special Heaters Design


Circuit Boards

Alumina Oxide-AL2O3


Stainless Steel



Aluminum Nitrate-ALN

Resistor Materials

Ruthenium Oxide

Palladium Silver


Conductor Materials

 Silver -Ag

Palladium Silver-PdAg

Platinum Silver- PtAg


Platinum Palladium Silver-PtPdAg



Dielectric Constant

1 MHz: 9.3 (For 96% Alumina)

1 GHz: 9.2 (For 96% Alumina)

Resistance Range

 0.1 Ohm to 15 G Ohms

+/- 0.05% (Absolute)

TCR +/- 100PPM/ °C


Line Definition

 4 – 6 mils – Fine Line

> 10 mils – Standard



Conformal Coat, SIP,DIP,PGA,TO, Flat Pack, BGA, Flip Chips


Test Specifications



Hybrionic is well placed to help its customers to reduce  time-to-market launching of products  with its operational agility, flexibility and quick turnaround responses. Hybrionic also prides itself on its capability to supply products and services to the automotive industry with zero or near zero ppm quality performance since the year 2004.

Hybrionic’s  special capability includes its ability to process high volume  of very fragile and small 20 mils (0.5mm) flip-chip dies placement with <10 microns accuracy that comes with unique material, adhesive selection and challenging processes. Its latest state-of-the-art high speed placers are capable of achieving fifteen-microns accuracy consistently. Special Plasma processes were frequently developed to enhance its products and services’ quality.

Hybrionic’s capability to process its circuit boards (mainly AL203 and ALN substrate) in-house, help to reduce lead-time  and add flexibility to product trials, evaluations and sample builds. Its capability to drill, cut, profile  and scribe various type’s of substrates with various thicknesses and compositions help customers in the quick development of new products in the shortest possible timeframe.

An experienced Hybrionic engineering and manufacturing team with great length of services underpinned Hybrionic’s domain expertise in the Hybrids Circuits covering Thick Film, Chip On Board, Flip Chip, SMT, Biochip, BGA, Laser Trim, Laser Scribe/ Drill and Wafer/Ceramic dicing.  Its expertise is not limited to stringent product sensitivity control, product testing, reliability control and ESD quality control in cleanroom facilities.

Hybrionic has a strong material supply chain and logistic team,  focusing  on procuring materials with the best cost characteristics that come with the highest quality. Its experienced planning  and production team, work vigorously together with the well tuned SAP-ERP system provides consistency in  On-Time Delivery, smooth production runs and customer ramps.