Hybrionic Pte Ltd

(Founded 1991)



For High Power Application

Low Cost Base Metal

Hybrionic’s Unique Technology 

Key Benefits: 

  • Low cost base metal composition
  • Solderable
  • Wire bondable
  • ENIG plateable
  • Etchable
  • Compatible with dielectric and overglaze
  • Multi-layers build up to more than 300 microns (>300 μm) for high power application
  • Can handle very high  heat and thermal stress
  • Good Conductivity and good Heat Dissipation

Copper Hybrids, in the name itself, uses Copper as a main conductor  for the product. Makers of High Power Modules engage in Copper Hybrids with top and bottom layers covered with copper, usually out of the ordinary specification of thickness probably in the range of >50 Microns  with multi-layers build up.  Due to its excellence abilities in conductivity and high power handling in a harsh environment, utilizing copper conductor on to alumina substrate provides vast applications and solutions to many automotive  and industrial needs.


Hybrionic’s  engineering team has vast experience in dealing with copper hybrids.  

These include the knowledge in selection of Thick Film  copper conductor, through hole copper conductor, dielectric and overglaze onto Al2O3 or ALN substrates with the best thermal expansion matching.