Hybrionic Pte Ltd

(Founded 1991)




Hybrionic strives to achieve “low environmental impact” in its business of manufacturing hybrid electronic circuits. We regard compliance with laws as a starting point and shall continue to improve environmental performance, taking into account technological development, scientific understanding, employee safety and community expectations.

With this in mind, we commit ourselves to the following code of business practice:

  1. We understand environmental protection to be one of the priorities of the company goals and include it in our business principles. We will work towards these goals as a continuous process.
  1. Our environmental improvement programme is based upon prevention of pollution, continual improvement through internal / external assessments and management review input.
  1. We will provide our staffs with detailed information on environmental matter. Sense of environmental awareness shall be actively inculcated and enhanced.
  1. We will instil into our product and process the ongoing improvement of the environmental soundness.
  1. The impact of our current activities shall be monitored, assessed and continually improved in operations and processes by complying with relevant environmental legislation, safety, health and other requirements.
  1. We will encourage our business partners to apply similar environmental protection practice.

Hybrionic makes this policy available and accessible to all its employees and publishes it externally to its customers, suppliers, contractors and the public.