Hybrionic Pte Ltd

(Founded 1991)



  • Laser Scribing
  • Drilling
  • Profiling
  • of
  • Ceramic Alumina¬†Substrate

Hybrionic has years of experience working on Laser scribing, drilling and profiling of ceramic alumina substrate. We fabricate high-tech advanced ceramics precision components and products.

Hybrionic adopted advanced fiber laser technology to enhance quality standards, overcome increasing complex designs, and in-tandem provide cost-efficient and effective solutions for high-tech industries.

We provide turnkey solution ranging from design consultation, design drawing, prototyping, to mass production for laser cutting.

Types of Laser Cutting Overview

Our Laser Cutting can be generally classified into 3 broad categories for different applications, as summarized in the table below:

TypesDescriptionsOur capabilities
Laser ScribingNon-cut-through lines on substrate for preferential singulation.

Laser markings for machine fiducial marks and parts identification.
30 to 70% cut depth for singulation for substrate thickness up to 40 mil.

Process capability of > 1.67 CpK.
Laser DrillingCut-through holes on substrateDrilled holes of various dimensions from 4 to 15 mil.

Drilled through hole depth of up to 25 mil. Process capability of > 1.67 CpK.
Laser ProfilingCut-through profile of various shapes for substrate physical outlines and internal slots and patternsOff-set profiling to achieve high precision dimensional requirements.

Process capability of >1.67 Cpk.