Hybrionic Pte Ltd

(Founded 1991)



• Special Custom Packaging

• 10K to 100K Class Control Clean Room Environment

• IC Wafer Probe and Tests

• Wafer Sawing

• Die Bonding from Wafer Rings and Waffle Packs

• 0.7 Mils to 2.0 Mils Fine Gold Wire Bonding

• 1 Mil to 20 Mils Aluminum Wire Bonding

• Polymer Circuit Printing

• Plasma Cleaning

• Chip & Wire and SMD Packages

• X-Ray Quality Checks

• Active/ Functional & Ratio Match Laser Trimming Capabilities

• SAP-ERP system

Both Hybrionic manufacturing facilities in  Singapore and Malaysia  are  built with Class 10k and 100k cleanroom. All thick film products are processed in its Class 10k environment.

Many OEMs have selected Hybrionic as their preferred partner, working in close collaboration from product conceptualization to commercialization, leveraging on the company’s flexibility and advanced manufacturing capabilities. Continual improvement efforts and integration with constant technology assimilation, robotic/automation deployment are Hybrionic’s manufacturing philosophy in driving towards Total Customer Satisfaction. 

Hybrionic’s global facilities coupled with its advanced manufacturing techniques, lean culture and proven SAP-ERP system enable the company to deliver on its commitments to customers, often exceeding expectations across all fronts.

Hybrionic’s manufacturing strength lies with its abilities to serves a wide spectrum of customers with products of varying complexities, mixes and volumes. The company’s flexibility in quick deployment of  its workforce   and  equipment selection in consultation with its customers will ensure a best workflow be   developed so as to achieve the highest productivity and  best efficiency.