Hybrionic Pte Ltd

(Founded 1991)


R & D

R&D Engineering

We help to turn our customers’ concepts and ideas into competitive products. Our highly qualified R&D team have extensive experience in Active, Passive, Digital and Analogue thick film hybrid microcircuits and applications can solve business challenges, drive innovation from prototyping through final production.


Our Expertise

  • PCB to ceramic thick film conversion
  • Replacing chip mounted components to printed components such as resistors, capacitor
  • Custom hybrid packages
  • Gold wire bonding hybrid modules
  • Chip scale packages
  • SIP, DIP and custom pins packages
  • Multi-layer fine line circuits
  • Polymer Thick Film, Flex & Rigid circuit boards
  • Metal Core Circuits
  • Copper Thick Film circuits
  • BGA Resistor, Resistor & Capacitor Network,
  • Ceramic heating circuits
  • LED carriers