Hybrionic Pte Ltd

(Founded 1991)



Fast Thermal Response

Energy Saving

Long Lifetime

Higher Reliability

Compact, Efficient Package


  • Low Profile heater in variety of shapes and forms
  • Superior and Fast thermal response
  • Uniform and Stable heat distributions
  • Versatile and Design Flexibility where space is limited
  • Can be printed on a flat metal substrate and form to difference angles
  • Precise Resistance Trace Patterns
  • Great Thermal Efficiency and Temperature Uniformity
  • Energy saving: Thermal efficiency runs up to 70-95% base on different modes
  • Long lifetime: no Oxidizing, no Rusting, Long lasting
  • Higher Reliability: high mechanical strength, anti-vibration, resistance of thermal shock
  • Suitable for wide varietiy of applications; from Industrial, Consumer, Chemical, Medical / Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, to EV (Electric Vehicle); just to name a few

Hybrionic’s team of engineers had many years of experience in the creation of innovative heating solutions. Our thick film heater technology include but not limited to direct depositing of heating material  onto compatible base substrates such as Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Glass, Silicon, Kapton, Al2O3 and ALN. Aluminium and Stainless Steel heaters provide fast heat responses where rate of heat transfer and uniformity are essential.   

Our Thick Film conduction heating technology  provides low-profile real estate in a variety of shapes and forms. This technology also allows   direct surface contact, thus ensure efficient heat transfer through thermally stable substrates with precise patterns, trace designs and thicknesses.

Hybrionic’s engineers are equipped with extensive experience and know-how in the selection of thick film ink/paste materials that will best match the coefficient of expansion of the various types of substrates for high performance heaters.

Medical Laboratory
Electric Vehiocle